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Here we have, among other things, focused on premium transportation through our limousine service where the focus is primarily on companies. Limousine service should not be confused with regular taxi.


Business Class is what we call our taxi service. Pricing is similar to a regular taxi, but comfort can not be compared


With us, you travel safely and securely with drivers holding a valid taxi ID and many years of professional experience and great professional pride. Our drivers are very familiar with the neighborhood, speaks Swedish and English and know what good and pleasant service means both word and deed …


We offer a variety of services. We have chosen to translate the services that may be relevant for our international guests visiting our area of work. Our area is Göteborg and Västra Götaland county.

Our specialty is a shuttle from Landvetter airport.

We also offer Business Class transportation between points in our area


We only take pre-booked orders and always gives a fixed price


If you wish something special during more your limousine ride – Tell us about it and we’ll try to arrange it

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